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Sugarcane Decaf

Sugarcane Decaf

From La Unión, Nariño, this coffee comes from local small farm holders who bring their harvest to a close processing facility. After fermentation in tanks for 12-24 hours, the coffee is fully washed, and then sundried. The coffee then travels to a local decaffeination company called Descafecol. They utilize molasses derived from sugar cane grown nearby to produce Ethyl Acetate which can extract the caffeine in green coffee. The seeds are steamed to open their structure up, then ethyl acetate is introduced to extract caffeine, and then the green coffee is steamed again to removed the ethyl acetate. The end results is decaffeinated green coffee, with as much of its flavor intact as possible.

🌱 Flavor notes: Semi-sweet Chocolate, Roasted Nuts

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