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MoonGoat Coffee Roasters

Pinecone Pinion All-Purpose Coffee Grinder

Pinecone Pinion All-Purpose Coffee Grinder

Pinecone Pinion: The Ultimate Grinder for Coffee Enthusiasts

Discover Unmatched Versatility and Performance

The Pinecone Pinion is the ideal grinder for professionals and coffee lovers who need a reliable tool for both espresso and filter coffee. Designed with a modular front holder, the Pinion seamlessly fits portafilters and comes with a handy dosing cup. Its user-friendly dial allows for easy grind size adjustments, making it perfect for any brewing method.

Despite its compact design, the Pinion packs a punch with a powerful motor and 65mm flat burrs, delivering fast and consistent grinds while keeping noise to a minimum. Built with durable materials and easy service access, the Pinion ensures long-lasting performance. With a one-year warranty, its unbeatable value and versatility make it a must-have for any coffee enthusiast.

Key Features of the Pinecone Pinion

65mm Flat Steel Burrs: Precision grinding for optimal flavor extraction.

Pre-Breaking Auger: Enhances grinding speed.

User-Friendly Adjustment Dial: Effortlessly switch between grind sizes.

Espresso and Filter Coffee Compatibility: Perfect for all brewing methods.

Modular Portafilter/Dosing Cup Holder: Convenient and adaptable design.

Fast and Quiet Operation: Efficient grinding with minimal noise.

What’s Included

Pinecone Pinion All-Purpose Coffee Grinder

Modular Portafilter/Dosing Cup Holder

Dosing Cup

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 17.7” (H) x 6” (W) x 9.6” (D)

Weight: 12 lbs

Grind Adjustment: Stepped

Hopper Capacity: 1.3 lbs (600g)

Burr Type: 65mm Flat Steel Burrs

Burr Speed: 1300 RPM

Output: 5-6g/sec

Voltage: 120V

Wattage: 510W

Experience the perfect grind with the Pinecone Pinion, backed by a one-year warranty. Enhance your coffee journey with this indispensable tool from MoonGoat.

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