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Blends: Brü Blend

Blends: Brü Blend

Moongoat Coffee Roasters is excited to present the “Bru Blend,” a meticulously crafted coffee blend designed specifically to excel in iced coffee and cold brü, while also performing exceptionally well for espresso and batch brews. This inaugural blend harmoniously combines the robust flavors of Brazil’s Cocarive Coop with the vibrant notes of Ethiopia’s Mirado Milky Way, creating a refreshing and dynamic coffee experience.Bru Blend brings together the best of both worlds:

Brazil Cocarive Coop: Known for its deep flavors of blackberry, dark chocolate, and a malty finish, this component adds a rich, comforting base to the blend.
Ethiopia Mirado Milky Way: Infusing the blend with sparkling notes of fig, nougat, and brown sugar, this coffee from the highlands of Sidama adds a layer of complexity and brightness.Expect a balanced cup with layers of flavor that evolve with every sip. The “Bru Blend” offers a rich, chocolatey base complemented by vibrant fruit notes, making it perfect for iced coffee and cold brü, while also delivering outstanding results for espresso and batch brews.
Samples limited to 3 per order. If you'd like more, reach out to!

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