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MoonGoat Coffee Roasters

Mexico Red Borbón

Mexico Red Borbón

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One of our first and favorite coffees the first year MoonGoat opened its doors was the Mexico Natural. Much beloved, we’ve been coordinating efforts to bring this coffee back to our lineup. Now in 2023, we’re proud to bring back its successor, the Mexico Red Borbón. Grown in Ixhuatlan, Veracruz, this coffee is produced by the renowned Santuario Project, who spreads innovative processing techniques to their partnered farms and wet mills. This fully Red Bourbon harvest goes through what the Santuario Project refers to as taco roll fermentation, meaning after the coffee cherries are removed from the fermentation tank, the cherries are laid out on a tarp and then rolled up into a 'taco' and left for 72 hours. This controlled and precise methodology creates vibrant notes of fresh strawberries, the tanginess and mouthfeel of malted milk and the body of chocolate ganache.

🌱 Flavor notes: Fresh Strawberries, Malted Milk, Chocolate Ganache


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