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MoonGoat Coffee Roasters

Ethiopia Zero Zero

Ethiopia Zero Zero

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Unveiling the Inaugural Sand Box, we present an anaerobic from Gatta Farm in Ethiopia. David's US Barista Championship Nationals Coffee. This coffee was placed in the top 3 of the US Coffee Champs this year. An extraordinary coffee that pushes boundaries. Cultivated on Daye Bensa's Example farm in the birthplace of Ethiopia, this coffee undergoes a fully natural anaerobic fermentation process, resulting in unparalleled Ethiopia terroir combined with the freshest fermentation processes in the world. Prepare to be astounded by its layered complexity and approachable flavor profile. We have tasted blueberry, lemon, yogurt, pie crust, jasmine florals, and more. Priced at $24.00, enjoy one hundred grams of this one-of-a-kind coffee, a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship needed to preserve the preciousness of the Gold Series.

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